Combining Service Broker Instances and Functions for Building Advanced Application Pipelines

Andres Martinez, Bitnami

With the rise of cloud computing, serverless, and microservices, application pipelines are getting richer and more complex. You are now able to build full featured applications by combining services in the public clouds together with serverless functions. But what about if we want to run our business logic in Kubernetes with the same paradigm?

In this demo-led session, we will show you how to build an application pipeline using Kubeless, the serverless framework for Kubernetes, and connect those functions to external services through Service Broker instances.

Required audience experience


Objective of the talk

On this talk the audience will learn how to make use of Kubeless, a serverless platform for Kubernetes to create an application pipeline. Also, people will learn how to combine external services with Kubernetes workloads through the Service Catalog.

You can view Andres’ presentation below:

Track 2
Location: Euston Date: November 13, 2018 Time: 2:20 pm - 3:05 pm Andres Martinez, Bitnami Andrés Martinez, Bitnami