Going serverless at Comic Relief: A deep dive into our donations platform

Comic Relief runs some of the largest fundraising events in the UK with Red Nose Day and Sport Relief. One of our challenges is to take a large amount of donations in a short amount of time. In this talk I will show you how we have architected a high-volume serverless donations platform that is capable of taking hundreds of donations a second, whilst allowing different parts of the application to fail gracefully.
I will talk about our architecture on AWS, our continuous delivery pipeline using Concourse CI, test-driven development, our node.js codebase and how we reduce code duplication. I will also cover how we load test our application and apply chaos engineering to test various parts of the application. Finally, I will reflect on the value serverless brings to our engineering tasks.
Intermediate, some knowledge of AWS preferable
Objective talk
Learn how we built and run a number of high-profile serverless applications in production with a relatively small engineering team.
You can see Peter’s presentation here:

Track 3
Location: Stephenson Date: November 13, 2018 Time: 1:25 pm - 2:20 pm Peter Vanhee, Comic Relief Peter Vanhee, Comic Relief