Keynote: Observability (and Responsibility) for Serverless Systems

Charity Majors,

Serverless means never having to think about operating or debugging your systems … right?  Hahaha, oh grasshopper.  Serverless is a lovely abstraction for operations, but you still own it just as much as you ever did.  Only now you can’t log in to the boxes as a last resort to figure out what’s happening – EVERY box is a black box with serverless!
So what do you do about it?  Well, this means observability is more important than ever before.  And by observability we don’t just mean “monitoring”.  Observability is a highly specific technical term, taken from control theory, that is more relevant than ever before in the modern age of transient, loosely coupled, far-flung distributed systems.
So let’s talk about it.  What does it mean to have an observable system, how is it like monitoring or debugging in the past, and why should the modern serverless software engineer give a flying crap?  Let’s discuss.
You can view Charity’s presentation below:

Location: Auditorium Date: November 13, 2018 Time: 9:15 am - 10:15 am Charity Majors, Charity Majors, honeycomb