The present and future of serverless observability

Yan Cui, DAZN

Serverless technologies like AWS Lambda introduce new challenges to existing observability practices & tools – eg. you can no longer access the underlying host to install monitoring agents/daemons, and it’s no longer feasible to use background threads to send monitoring data outside the critical path.

Furthermore, event-driven architectures have become the new norm and it’s difficult to trace asynchronous function invocations through event sources such as SNS, Kinesis, DynamoDB streams and so on.

In this talk we’ll examine these challenges and see how they affect the current observability tools we have, and what might the future of serverless observability look like.

Required audience experience

Basic understanding of AWS and AWS Lambda

Objective of the talk

Help the audience understand the constraints of serverless platforms and what it means for them when evaluating observability practices and tools they should adopt. Also, to propose ideas for how future tools should be built and what capabilities they should provide.

Track 2
Location: Euston Date: November 12, 2018 Time: 5:25 pm - 6:10 pm Yan Cui, DAZN Yan Cui, DAZN