Take your Azure Functions to the next level with Durable Functions

Marc Duiker, Xpirit

You want to advance your serverless skills with Azure Functions? Then attend this session and learn how to orchestrate your Azure Functions in code using the Durable Functions framework!

In this session I’ll show how you can orchestrate your Azure Functions by using the Durable Functions framework. This extension for Azure Functions allows you to write orchestration functions in C# which are stateful and long running. I’ll show some typical use cases where Durable Functions make sense and code samples of various orchestration functions to explain patterns such as function chaining, fan-out/fan-in and monitoring. Basic understanding about regular Azure Functions is advised.

Required audience experience

Azure Functions basics

Objective of the talk

Learn when and how the use Durable Functions in order to orchestrate your functions.

You can see Marc’s presentation below:

Track 2
Location: Euston Date: November 13, 2018 Time: 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm Marc Duiker, Xpirit Marc Duiker, Xpirit